About Us

MioTech Orthopedic Group is a Michigan-based company founded in 2000 by President, Ken Zisholz with three divisions specializing in Bracing & Supports, Athletic Training and Physical Therapy/PMR. MioTech embodies a relationship-based, solution-oriented company culture that anticipates customer needs in the sports medicine and orthopedic marketplace.


Management Team

Kenneth Zisholz

Scott Shoemake
VP of Sales–Rehab Division

Philip Murphy
Executive Vice President of Sales

Brad LaMacchia
Operations Manager

Paul Calloway
VP of Sales–Athletic Training Division

Beckitt LePeak

Sales Team

Curtis Gemmel
Regional Vice President

Kraig Stinebower
Regional Vice President

Dave Binkley
Area Vice President, Indiana Aircast/Procare, Dr. Comfort/Lower Extemity Specialist

Connor Bartlett
Sales Representative – SMS

Steve Eckert
Sales Representative – Bracing

Peter Ereg
Area Vice President

Gina Kiefer
Sales Representative – Bracing/CMF

Jeff Malinowski
Sales Representative – Dr. Comfort/Lower Extemity Specialist

Beth McGowan
Sales Representative – Bracing

Willie Mitchell
Sales Representative – Bracing

Dan Potts
Sales Representative – Bracing

Marci Shannon
Sales Representative – CMF

Jason Simala
Sales Representative – Bracing

Jim Strahan
Sales Representative – Bracing

Adam Strpko
Sales Representative – Bracing/CMF

Operations Team

Fred Brunyate
Special Projects Manager

Andrea Gulick
Customer Care Team Lead

Pam Kuffer
Patient Care Liason

Karen Merritt
Executive Assistant

Dean Reik
Supply Chain Planner

Scott Starnes
Customer Service Representative