TriFit Web Knee Brace

TriFitTM Web Knee Brace


When someone hands you an opportunity to stay active, you take it.

For 25 years DonJoy® has been reinventing new technologies for injury recovery and conservative care of disease state such as osteoarthritis. All with keeping you in the game and in an active lifestyle.

We have done it again using three of our most advanced technologies. Introducing, the OA Reaction TriFit™ Web Knee Brace, a 3-dimensional osteoarthritis knee brace constructed for the intimate custom fit to fit your lifestyle.

Engineered for anyone and any activity, this revolutionary brace is the antidote to the painful and aging knee. Never before has form, fit and function been wrapped in one low profile knee brace, designed to fit each individual knee.

As the most unique single upright OA Knee brace on the market today, the future of form fitting knee bracing is here.

No other brace comes close.

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