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At Miotech® we bring innovative products to patients that relive pain, offer comfort, restore motion and enhance the quality of life of people of all ages and walks of life. Want to learn more? Browse our brand videos below to see how we’re working “Powering Motion”.

DonJoy Defiance PRO – How to Apply – ACL Version
DonJoy Defiance Pro How to Apply – CI
DonJoy 4-Point Knee Brace Fitting Instructions – using DonJoy Defiance PRO
DonJoy Defiance Pro – How to Apply – Anti Migration Band
How to Apply the DonJoy OA Nano Knee Brace
DonJoy FULLFORCE Knee Brace Overview
UltraSling PRO
Ultrasling Pro Patient Application
Ultrasling PRO Clinician Application
DonJoy ROAM OA Knee Brace
ROAM OA – How to Apply (Clinician)
ROAM OA – Patient – How to Apply
DonJoy LumboForce® 3 Fitting Instructions
DonJoy LumboForce® 3 Fitting Instructions
DonJoy LumboForce® Sacro Fitting Instructions
DonJoy LumboForce® 4 Fitting Instructions
DonJoy LumboForce® 2 Fitting Instructions
DonJoy LumboForce® 1 Fitting Instructions
DonJoy LumboForce® 5 Fitting Instructions
DonJoy LumboForce®–one range, six ways to support the lumbar spine
Aircast 10° Wedge Kit Fitting Instructions
DonJoy OA GO knee brace – pain relief with a twist
DonJoy OA Go – How to Fit
How DonJoy OA GO Works
ROAM OA – How to Apply (Clinician)
ROAM OA – Patient – How to Apply
DonJoy MaxTrax® Xcel ROM – Fitting Instructions
Go Roam with DonJoy knee OA braces
DonJoy Spinostrap – Fitting
DonJoy RAL Range
DonJoy ActyLight
DonJoy Fusiolight II Fitting
DonJoy Fusiogel Fitting
DonJoy Lumbostrap 35 Fitting
DonJoy Dorsostrap 55 Fitting
DonJoy – Lumbostrap 35 and Dorsostrap 55
DonJoy MaxTrax 2.0
Ankle Injuries: Function, Indication & Treatment
DonJoy Elastic Bracing – Padel Collection
DonJoy 4-Point Knee Brace Fitting Instructions
Aircast ActyFoot Fitting with stay
Aircast ActyFoot Fitting without stay
DonJoy ScapuLax Fitting
DonJoy – Elastic Knitted Compression Range
Aircast ActyFoot™
DonJoy Knee Braces – Vaxjo Lakers Ice Hockey
DonJoy Knee Braces – Växjö Lakers Ice Hockey
DonJoy LadyStrap – Fitting
DonJoy EpiForce
DonJoy EpiForce – Fitting
DonJoy Tru-Pull Light Knee Brace
Aircast AIRLIFT PTTD Fitting
DonJoy® Osteostrap
DonJoy Osteostrap – Fitting Guide
Exos® Manu Advance – for major wrist injuries … it’s a wrap
Exos Manu Advance – Fitting
DonJoy® Elastic Range – Support Has Never Been Closer
DonJoy STABILAX Fitting
DonJoy GENULAX Fitting
DonJoy® Support Everest™ Ice II Fitting Guide
DonJoy® Support Everest™ II Fitting Guide
Aircast ActyToe Fitting
Aircast ActyToe™
DONJOY PolyForm – Fitting Video
Exos 4 Finger – Fitting Instructions
DonJoy MyBabyStrap – Fitting
Aircast A60 Ankle Support
DonJoy Powerstrap – Fitting guide
DonJoy – Iceman Clear
Trust DonJoy – Knee Braces for Motorsport
DonJoy – Floorball Promo
Trust DonJoy – Knee Braces for Sport
DonJoy – Handball Promo
DonJoy Defiance Custom Knee Brace – for Snowboarders & Skiers
Aircast Podalib – Dynamic AFO Single handed Fitting Guide
DonJoy Playmaker Xpert – Functional Knee Supports
DJO Surgical | EMPOWR 3D Knee™
Aircast Podalib – Dynamic AFO Fitting Guide
Aircast Podalib – Dynamic AFO Barefoot Fitting Guide
DonJoy Defiance Knee Brace | Matt Crowhurst – Wakeboard
DonJoy A22™ Custom Knee Brace
Aircast | A60 Ankle Support
Aircast Air Stirrup Ankle Brace
DonJoy Knee Braces for Skiing
DonJoy Knee Brace Sizing
DonJoy OA
DonJoy Ligament Brace
DonJoy Lateral J Knee Brace
DonJoy Stablilizing Ankle Brace
DonJoy Playmaker
Aircast Airheel
Aircast Air Stirrup II: How It Works, English HD
Aircast XP Walker

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